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The history of Australian Prescriber

editorWelcome to the 40th anniversary year of Australian Prescriber. While there have been many advances since 1975, the clinical challenges are similar. Mary Stewart and Kirsten Black advise on how to choose a combined contraceptive pill, while Barry McGrath discusses the diagnosis of hypertension.

Vitamin D testing is more frequent nowadays, but Paul Glendenning explains the problems in measuring vitamin D concentrations. Measuring the QT interval on the ECG can also be problematic and Geoffrey Isbister reviews the risks related to QT prolongation.

1975 also saw the first publication of the bulletin of the Adverse Drug Reactions Advisory Committee in Australian Prescriber. The successor to that publication, Medicines Safety Update, has appeared in Australian Prescriber since 2010, but this issue will be the last in print. Medicines Safety Update will continue to be available on the website of the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

All our authors are asked to declare any conflicts of interest. While this was not routine practice in 1975, it is a common cause for concern in modern medical publishing. Managing any competing interests is one way Australian Prescriber will continue to provide independent information 40 years on.

Volume 38 Number 1 February 2015

Conflict of interest in medical journals JS Dowden

Choosing a combined oral contraceptive pill M Stewart, K Black
Risk assessment of drug-induced QT prolongation GK Isbister

Abnormal laboratory results
Measuring vitamin D P Glendenning

Diagnostic tests
Home monitoring of blood pressure BP McGrath

Letters to the editor

Medicines Safety Update
Book review
AMH Aged Care Companion
Book review
Therapeutic Guidelines: Endocrinology

New drugs
Enzalutamide for metastatic prostate cancer
Fluticasone furoate with vilanterol for asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Pomalidomide for multiple myeloma
Retapamulin for skin infections

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